Restoration Services

Start2Finish Restoration and Building Services provides restoration services for nearly any misfortune that might happen to your property. We take pride in our prompt and efficient response that keeps our clients safe and satisfied.

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Fire & Smoke Damage

If damage is caused by fire or smoke/soot, Start2Finish can perform a board-up, shoring, tarping of the roof and clean up. From there, we begin the process of smoke damage restoration, odor removal, and contents restoration.

Regardless of whether a fire’s flames spread through a single room or an entire home, the resulting soot and smoke damage tends to be worse than the fire itself, permeating everything inside the building. At Start2Finish Restoration and Building Services, we’re certified in smoke removal.

Smoke and fire spewing from a peaked house roof.

Water Damage

If damage is caused by water, our first goal is to get the water to stop flowing, then extract as much water as we can, as soon as we can. From there, we create a drying chamber and set up the property to dry in a controlled environment.

At Start2Finish Restoration & Building Services, we’re the best in the business at extracting water, drying out residential and commercial buildings, detecting water damage and water damage clean up.

Start2Finish utilizes state-of-the-art drying equipment, which can dramatically reduce the damage caused by water and flooding. The sooner we can dry an area, the less likelihood there is for secondary damage or potential mold growth, and the sooner your life can return to normal.

Water damage prevention tip: Year-round, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of shutting off the water to your house every time you leave town.

Do you know where your water main shut off is?

Living room with water all over the floor

Wind and Storm Damage

When a severe storm hits, the exterior of our home sustains the most damage. Storms and high winds bring damage to roofs, windows, siding and much more. Your property is susceptible to costly and substantial damage. Fallen tree branches, flying debris, shattered windows, missing shingles or holes in roofs and damage to the integrity of the structure can all happen from high winds and storm.

Start2Finish Restoration and Building Services’ 24/7 emergency team will assess the damage and immediately begin to mitigate the affected property. We do roof tarping, board ups, structural drying and rebuilds.

Our experience team is equipped with a HAAG Certified Inspector on staff with over 25 years experience. HAAG Certified Inspectors are educated and experienced in civil, architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, aeronautical and meteorological disciplines. When your roof damage needs assessment, we have our HAAG Inspector on the job for his expertise and your peace of mind.

Tree fallen and resting on a house.

Mold, Mildew and Hazardous Materials

If mold, mildew or asbestos are discovered, Start2Finish can assess the extent of damage and risks. From there, we begin the process of removal, remediation and abatement.

Even though we live in a relatively dry climate, we still see a fair amount of mold and mildew issues each year. Any type of water intrusion-whether the water damage comes from a slow leak, a sudden pipe burst, or flooding-can cause mold and mildew. If the levels of relative humidity in a building are high, mold and mildew can begin to grow.

If mold or mildew are discovered, it should be removed immediately to prevent health issues. Despite the claims of products available on the internet, mold can’t be properly remediated by spraying on bleach or some other chemical. Proper mold remediation requires physical removal of the mold.

Our comprehensive mold remediation process includes:

  • Construction of a containment barrier
  • Air scrubbing (with negative air movement and Hepa filters, which remove microbes form the air)
  • Scrubbing the areas with wire brushes and /or sanding them
  • Removal of grossly affected structural components
  • Applying a plant based antimicrobial solution after the remediation process
Moldy ceiling with light

Personal Property Restoration

In most cases, if personal property has been damaged by water, smoke or mold we can restore it. After a catastrophe such as a flood or fire, we will photograph and inventory everything, remove the contents and take them to our contents restoration facility.

Once items have been restored, we hold them in a secure, climate controlled facility until the damaged building has been completely repaired or rebuilt. We then return the items and place them back, just as they were before the disaster.

Every piece of your personal property is logged and handled with the utmost care the entire time it’s in our possession.

Workers inventorying and wrapping personal posessions on a table.